Studii si documentatie de mediu
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We successfully carry out environmental studies and documentation

Depending on the activity they carry out, companies need certain environmental studies and documentation.

We perform the following types of environmental studies and documentation.

  • Environmental Impact Report (EIR)
  • Location report / baseline report (RA / RSR)
  • Environmental report (RM)
  • Environmental balance (WB)
  • Adequate Assessment Study (EA)
  • Preparation of hydrogeological studies
  • Elaboration of documentations for obtaining the water management permit / authorization
  • Environmental impact assessment on water bodies
  • Studies Odour
  • Development of technical solutions for decontamination of contaminated sites
Health impact studies

Impact studies on the population’s health are performed according to Order no. 1524/2019 and aim to evaluate the impact of various activities on the health of the population, located in the health protection area.

The sanitary protection area is regulated by Order no. 119/2014.

Depending on the location of the houses compared to the activity carried out, the sampling plan is drawn up.

Samples are taken with specific equipment depending on the type of pollution assumed.

Evaluation of the results in accordance with the legislation in force in order to establish the influence of the investigated activity on the population’s health.

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